The Darkside Doesn’t Have Cookies Anymore

17 Oct

I was thinking about posting one of my old poems, but while I was reading through them to decide which one feels more relevant now, I realized that none of them do.
   I wrote most of them only two years ago, but I can’t connect with them anymore. I know that a lot has changed since in the past two years, but how could I change so much?
   Whatever was lost back then, it must have come back. Because I don’t feel that way anymore.
   Here is one of those old-me poems, it’s called “The Darkside Has Cookies”:

I am not crazy.
I saw him, I touched him.
He took my hand and kissed it.
He was here, it was real.

Then you rushed in and turned the on light.
It became bright.

As he started to fade,
towards you I pointed all my hate.

Just then it came to my head.
You had saved me from my dream,
the darkest and most dangerous of them all,
disguised as something sweet and to that I can never say no.
My worst nightmare.
I still did not want to let go.

I’d screamed in my sleep, you said, and that’s why you had come in.
The brightness slowly made me gain my full conscious.
All my hate drained, and I felt I owed you a “thanks”.

A part of me, the one that he had touched,
still wanted him, too much.
It was to him forever lost.


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