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Breaking The Habit

30 Nov

Lately I’ve been feeling – and looking, no doubt – unhealthy. I know I’ve been sleeping too little, and eating and exercising, too, for that matter. But this will be changing in the near future, because I can feel and see what this does to me, and I have decided to make a change.  For real this time. And I have a slight idea of what to change, but I will have to think about the how-to part.
I need this because I have also lost my focus, I have been thinking about all the wrong things, when my main focus should be school and school only. Nothing else, beside studying and staying healthy, and spending time with family and friends, of course. And my music. But nothing else. No one else.

I need to go to bed at a much more reasonable time.
I need to think over my non-existing diet, and I feel I need to gain a few pounds, in a non junk food kind of way. Oh, speaking of that, I forgot my cheese doodles yesterday! Oh, well, I can put on a good movie and pour me a bowl tonight. I love movie nights!
But where was I?…
I need to exercise in other ways then rushing to the train or the bus or to class, oh and those stairs at school! Surely it is a good start, but not enough. Joining a gym would be the best way to motivate me and my lazy… laziness.
And I probably need to do many other things, too, but I mostly need to take one step at a time.
I’ll keep you updated!


30 November 2010

30 Nov

Good afternoon! I woke up almost two hours ago to find that it has finally stopped snowing and the sun is shining instead.
The best thing about our apartment has got to be the view of the forest, the sky, the nature. It’s beautiful. I have been in that forest once, months ago, during a powerwalk. It was a sunny and bright and hot morning, and instead of continuing down the sidewalk I turned in to the forest and followed a trail. Of course it was full of ants and flies and bees and spiders and God knows what else, but I couldn’t see anything past the trees and grass and flowers… and that meadow. I would have stopped there to enjoy the sight longer, but I didn’t want to get stung or bitten by anything so I walked around there for circles for a long while.
I’m feeling like doing that today. But I can’t. Because the grass and all those wild flowers are gone, covered by snow, and ice. I would break a leg, or something, there now. But I can always walk on the sidewalk instead, at least now during winter. Yes, I think I’ll do just that!

All I Can Say Is It Was Enchanting To Meet You

29 Nov

Okay, I’m going to be honest. I went shopping after school today. I said I wouldn’t, but it’s been so long – if not counting my new coat, which I don’t – almost a month! But no more, the rest of the year I will buy nothing but Christmas gifts, and nothing for my selfish self.
I bought that black H&M dress from the new commercial  for, can you believe it, 99 kr! It looks better on than off, it looks really odd when it’s just hanging, haha!
And also,  since I couldn’t help myself, I went to my favorite little store and also bought a black lace dress and that cream colored top that I was going to put on my wishing-list.


Ahhh, my precious… But as I said, no more.

Look Of The Day

29 Nov

My most favorite color is blue. But I love all other colors, too.
It all depends on circumstances like weather and mood, or a special event. Today I follow the mood and the weather, or so I thought… Surely it was freezing, especially outside, with the wind and snow blowing on one’s face (thank the scientists for waterproof mascara, I say), but indoors mostly my hands and feet were freezing, and I was just waiting until I could go home and just curl up and get warm, because what can you really do when  you’re at school and your feet are cold? Run away, run home! Haha, got it? Cold feet? Running away?

Anywho, this is what I wore today, before I jumped off it and into my warm and comfy sweats as soon as I got home.

Cardigan from H&M, Shirt from MQ and my favorite jeans from Miami. Ring from Guldfynd.

29 November 2010

29 Nov

Good to be home. The weather these last couple of days has been horrible, what with the snow, the wind, the cold and the ice. Even inside in the classroom I was freezing today, and almost, just almost, put my jacket on right then and there.
I’m glad though that I wasn’t late for today’s lecture, even though the weather made me come too late to the train station, but it made the train come too late as well, and I made it anyway. So it worked out well.
Now I really need a cup of coffee and something sweet to nibble on. And later it will be Bones-time!

The Looks of This Week

28 Nov

I realized I haven’t uploaded all pf my outfits of this week, so here is a complemented recap before I go to bed. Good night, all.

1 2

3 4



1:   Beanie from MQ, Bag from Broby Skoaffär, Jeans from KappAhl, and Mom’s red coat.
2:   Shirt from JC
3:   Top from Esprit, Jeans from Miami
4:   Sweater/dress from H&M, Scarf from Broby Skoaffär
5:  Sweater from Esprit.


28 November 2010

28 Nov

I’ve asked this before and now I’m asking this again: Is it possible to have sleeping as a hobby? Because it has been my number 1 hobby this weekend. That and The Hills marathon on MTV today, haha.
Seriously though, that show is crazy. I used to watch it every week, but I hadn’t seen one episode since spring until today. There is so much drama going on there that it makes it difficult for me to actually pay attention to the reason I watch the show: the fashion and all of their outfits! Then I just can’t help but to start following what really is going on there in the Hollywood Hills. I also caught on to the season finale, or the final finale, for that matter, and was somewhat glad to see that everything ended well: Audrina got over Justin (just when I started to get why she was so hooked on him, I mean, how you seen the episode when his band has a gig at Viper Room and he plays the drums? Nice!), Stephanie got a decent boyfriend, Lo got kind-of-engaged, but then there’s that whole “ending” with Kristin and Brody which I didn’t buy for one cent. But, although the show seemed to get more scripted by every season, it was still good to see how it all ends, and kind of get a closure on that.

Huh, to think that I had so much to say about a “reality” show on TV. I guess I am really easy to entertain, after all. Oh, darn.