10 November 2010

10 Nov

I knew from the moment I heard my phone ring and opened my eyes this morning that I didn’t get enough sleep. Today we were introduced to our two next (and last) courses of our first term at the uni, Global Media & Culture and Global Language & Literature. The lectures and seminars start next week, and I’m really looking forward to that because I’m 100 % sure now that I am were I’m supposed to be, studying English. This is going to be awesome! completely terrifying and exhausting, but awesome.

So I am free until next monday, but I’m going to keep myself busy with course literature, books, magazines, new CDs (oh yeah!) and keeping our apartment neat and clean, espacially my bedroom, especially my wardrobe. I’m actually planning how I could refurnish my room to make room for another dresser, or maybe rack. Yes, a clothing rack that I can move around the room! And I would have space for more clothes then, so maybe I could go… No. No more shopping. I don’t need anything else. Well, except a new winter jacket or maybe a coat even, but that’s all. That’s enough.

A clothing rack from Ikea


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