11 Nov

I’ve decided to call it a day now – yep, this early – and go brush my teeth and go to bed. And read a chapter, or two, or maybe more, and probably end up turning the light off at 3 am. I’m reading “Shopaholic Abroad” at the moment, and unfortunately I can relate to the narrator all to well, to be honest. It kind of bothers me. But that’s good, it makes me think twice before I buy something, and I’ve been even avoiding going to my favorite store, which is really a big thing, but I know that if I’ll enter that store I’ll walk out with an empty wallet.

Speaking of town, I’ll have to call and book an appointment tomorrow to get a haircut. I hope they have an hour free any time tomorrow because it is long overdue! But if they don’t, I’ll have extra time to decide whether I should get bangs or not. Brenda Walsh-style. From The Brenda Walsh show, haha!


How about it?


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