Any Given Father’s Day

14 Nov

I woke up pretty late today, which is weird, because I went to bed so early last night. I gave up reading at 11 pm and next thing I now it’s 11:30 am! So I flew out of the bed, ran to the bathroom, then to the kitchen and ate a lovely breakfast with the folks, and then back to my room to start the computer.

Even though it’s about 7 am in Ft. Lauderdale right now, and he is still asleep over there, I’ve been in such a hurry to congratulate my father on Father’s Day today, to let him now that I think about him and miss him, every day. I made him a kind of a postcard (see the post below), and I hope he likes it and remembers when and where this picture was taken.
It’s from the early 00’s, back in Stockholm during a summer break. My brother and I used to visit father and Nadia every summer and every other Christmas back then (and give mom a very needed break from us as well, haha!). Those were the days… and I will always remember them and keep them close to my heart.


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