In My Mom’s Wardrobe

14 Nov

Lookie, lookie! I was sneaking around in mom’s wardrobe and just look at what I have found! It’s a wardrobe of treasure, I tell you! Some of this items she has had since she was my age or later, and if they can survive the Russian winter, then they surely must live through a Swedish winter. Yep, I know what I’ll be wearing to class tomorrow.

I’ve been wondering… because all of the sudden I like this 20 year old clothes and hairstyles and looks, what is that about? I’ve been feeling nostalgic these (and no, it is not that time in the month, whoever was thinking that), even weeks. I can’t figure it out. Am I always going to be this nostalgic, sentimental person from now? Because it’s no fun sitting and thinking and remembering and wondering… and missing. I… it’s just so much, too much, it even hurts a little deep down inside. That life just goes and doesn’t wait for anyone, and so I go on too, though I’m not really ready. I’m not ready to give up old memories, old feelings, old routines, yesterday. And I’m not ready for tomorrow and the future, either.
No. That’s not true. I can’t wait for the future, sometimes I even wish it could come faster, although not too fast, of course. I just wish I could go back, too, or at least never forget my first home ( and the wheres, whens, hows, whos and whys from that time) .

Anywho, here is some of the items that I found in the hidden treasure that is my mom’s wardrobe! (PS, please ignore the bandage on my right knee, it’s… a long story. )


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