The Reason Why I Blog

15 Nov

Good evening.
So I’ve had my laptop on for hours now and I’ve been trying to think of something to write, but to be honest, I’m kind of drained after todays Global Lang class! It’s so new and so much all at once… all this phonology and IPA and the history of Old English… but still, I’m not complaining, I find it very interesting, I’m just… okay, so I am complaining, but only to get it out, I don’t really mean it if I say anything bad about this course, which I don’t think I will, because what can be bad about it? Well, except for that I’m worried that it’s  going to be to difficult, but that’s not a bad thing, this is college after all. And it only makes me study that much more when I think about how hard it is.

There it is. I got it off my chest now. This is what was stuck in there, pressing to get out and keeping what I really wanted to write trapped, although I wanted to keep it to myself, because that is what I usually do.


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