Long days, Short Nights

17 Nov

It has been such a long day. Surely I enjoyed watching The Lion King with (almost) the whole class, and learned  a lot at todays Teacher Assistant Seminar on Global Language. My problem was that I didn’t get much sleep and was tired already before the day started.
I know I got only myself to blame for going to bed so late, but  that is how I am. I get my best ideas at night… or maybe my worst and I think they are the best because I don’t get enough sleep and can’t think clearly at that time. Or maybe my worst ideas are the best ones, if that makes any sense.
Either way, it is a bad habit, which I can’t even try to break this week because I’ll be coming home so late after uni and have a load of homework to complete.

Tomorrow is going to be especially long, but oh, so good! It’s going to be a Girls Night Out with Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows part 1!
I’ve been ranting about the movie for days, or maybe weeks, and tomorrow it will be the time and Malmö will be the place! I’m so excited! Finally.


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