21 November 2010

21 Nov

Good day!
Bad news – or should it be good news? – the snow has all but melted at this point. I should be glad, because now I don’t need to worry about falling or the train getting stuck and coming late to class or home. But I kind of miss it. And how fun is this weather right now, rain, rain and rain?

Yesterday was very nice. I got up at 1 pm (really, it’s true!) and had time to shower, help Mom with the laundry, tidy my room and clean the guest bathroom, eat breakfast (better late than never, I say) and get ready, all before 3:30 pm! I’m proud of myself for that right now, because there was a time when all that would have taken me a day to finish.
But that is not why the day was so nice, haha. The company made it nice. Surely I missed Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone on tv, but I have seen it and read it before so I survived. Although I do want to go see and read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows again, but I don’t think I’ll have much time these following weeks, and I also have to finish reading “Shopaholic Abroad”, though I don’t feel like reading it at all these days, but I really should finish it.
Anywho, we had guests over yesterday and it was a fun evening. Hopefully they will be back around Christmas again!

So, since I didn’t lift a single book yesterday, or wrote down a single word, I’ll have to do twice as much work today, which means that my little diary here will suffer, again.
Hope everyone of you out there has a nice day.


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