Flannel & Jeans

22 Nov

I ended up having only one cup of tea with biscuits, and falling asleep on the sofa during “Bones”. Good thing that I decided to take that bath later, because I would probably have fallen asleep in there then, and, well, that wouldn’t be so good. I think I’m gonna take a bath another day, and just go straight to bed now, or soon. Still waiting for the group to respond. Perhaps I should go ahead and start with the presentation while I’m waiting, though I’m not really sure where to start. Hopefully at least someone from the group will write back until tomorrow evening.

While I’m waiting this last minutes today, here’s my outfit. Some of the pictures were taken, surprisingly without complaint, by my brother. Without complaint, hm, he must be up to something.

The coat is mom’s, flannel shirt from JC, and Jeans from KappAhl.


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