23 November 2010

23 Nov

Good morning! I slept much better last night, and feel well rested after yesterday. Today I have the day off, but, as always, I have some reading and writing to do, so that’s what I’ll be doing today. And I’ll see if I can get someone to go out for a cup of coffee, too, to get out and get some fresh air. Or maybe I should take a walk, I exercise way too little, so that would probably do miracle with me. As mad as this sounds, coming from me especially, but I wish it would snow so that I could take a walk in snow. I usually avoid snow as much as I can but lately I’ve been missing it. Time changes, I guess.

Breakfast awaits now. Hope anybody made pancakes! Of course nobody has, because I’m the pancake maker in this home, the one with the famous pancakes. Though I would like it if someone made me pancakes for once… Nah, they wouldn’t be as delicious as mine!
Speaking of pancakes and of mine, I know I have posted it in here before but I just can’t help it, this is my favorite song while making pancakes right now, Mine by Taylor Swift. It’s so cute and so catchy, I can’t help but to start singing along!


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