24 November 2010

24 Nov

I’m sitting on the train home from school, with my laptop, and blogging! What a concept!

And what a great thing happened this morning when I was getting ready for school! Mom got a phone call from work. She had been waiting to get called back for weeks, and I could see that she was getting worried. But they called, out of the blue, and she was happy and was happy and my brother was still asleep because it was 7 am. And it didn’t even matter that I had no ride to the station (since mom needed to drive right away, and there are no busses that early, which I think is completely wack, but that is not the matter right now), and I had to walk a few minutes to then take a bus to the train station. In this weather. I made it though, without falling one single time! Haha, I still have the walk back home though…
Anywho, I’m so thrilled for mom.

I’ll upload some pictures to this post when I get home. I tried to put them in now, but the signal here on the train is low, so it didn’t work.



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