Today I’m Wearing My Heart On My Sleeve

24 Nov

Our group meeting today went… well, it was, hm, I guess it… It… I think it was nice, and that’s all with that. Haha, although we didn’t get far at all, but we will meet up again tomorrow after class and put all our pieces together. I wonder if it will be as nice tomorrow as it was today. Though I really shouldn’t be wondering that.

Speaking of nothing – because that’s what it is – I was wondering last night whether it was raining or snowing outside, because it was too dark to see, and I got my answer 6 am this morning. It was snow, and it had been snowing the whole night, and even the whole day today. Now, remember when I said that I kind of miss the snow and all that?… Well, forget it, because I take it back!
It wasn’t that bad this morning, and was really happy with myself because I had dressed precisely warm enough and wasn’t cold at all. Then I stepped outside after the meeting and… it was so darn cooold! I don’t even know how I manage when the real Swedish winter (it blows in from Russia, so is it Russian winter then? No, Russian winter is… almost unbearable.) hits us. Brrrr!

Oh, darn it! What in the Sam’s heck is going on now, why can’t I upload any pictures? Never mind! It’s working now!

Beanie from MQ,
Top from Esprit,
Shoes from Walk On,
Necklace from Glitter, and
Jeans bought in U.S.A.


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