25 November 2010

25 Nov

I have a busy day today, with a presentation to prepare for, and don’t feel like writing much right now, so this will be my only post today.
I’ve been humming this song all day and if I tell you why, I will have to k… well, I just felt like it, and I suppose you can guess why.
The song is called Sparks Fly, written and performed by Taylor Swift (apparently I’m still in the mood for this CD, haha).
And that’s all from me today! I just want to add a few more words before I disappear until late tomorrow evening, so have a good one and catch you later:

Under the circumstances I thought it would be only a little better to change a few words in the lyrics, so I kind of sing my own little version of this song. Like “falling snow”, instead of “pouring rain”, and since snow doesn’t rhyme with pain I switch “pain” with “show”. So it goes something like this…

“Drop everything now,
meet me in the falling snow. Kiss me on the sidewalk, give them all a show.
Because I see sparks fly whenever you smile…”
– Then there’s that part with the eyes, and I’m not so sure about the color, so I will have to take a good look tomorrow and then get back.

Huh, so this is how I waste my time, by modifying other songwriter’s lyrics. I guess that’s what happens when I avoid my keyboard and notebook for too long.

I do not in any way own any part of this song, no copyright intended. All ownership and credit goes to Taylor Swift and (C) 2010 Big Machine Records, LLC. You can watch it again here.



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