30 November 2010

30 Nov

Good afternoon! I woke up almost two hours ago to find that it has finally stopped snowing and the sun is shining instead.
The best thing about our apartment has got to be the view of the forest, the sky, the nature. It’s beautiful. I have been in that forest once, months ago, during a powerwalk. It was a sunny and bright and hot morning, and instead of continuing down the sidewalk I turned in to the forest and followed a trail. Of course it was full of ants and flies and bees and spiders and God knows what else, but I couldn’t see anything past the trees and grass and flowers… and that meadow. I would have stopped there to enjoy the sight longer, but I didn’t want to get stung or bitten by anything so I walked around there for circles for a long while.
I’m feeling like doing that today. But I can’t. Because the grass and all those wild flowers are gone, covered by snow, and ice. I would break a leg, or something, there now. But I can always walk on the sidewalk instead, at least now during winter. Yes, I think I’ll do just that!


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