Breaking The Habit

30 Nov

Lately I’ve been feeling – and looking, no doubt – unhealthy. I know I’ve been sleeping too little, and eating and exercising, too, for that matter. But this will be changing in the near future, because I can feel and see what this does to me, and I have decided to make a change.  For real this time. And I have a slight idea of what to change, but I will have to think about the how-to part.
I need this because I have also lost my focus, I have been thinking about all the wrong things, when my main focus should be school and school only. Nothing else, beside studying and staying healthy, and spending time with family and friends, of course. And my music. But nothing else. No one else.

I need to go to bed at a much more reasonable time.
I need to think over my non-existing diet, and I feel I need to gain a few pounds, in a non junk food kind of way. Oh, speaking of that, I forgot my cheese doodles yesterday! Oh, well, I can put on a good movie and pour me a bowl tonight. I love movie nights!
But where was I?…
I need to exercise in other ways then rushing to the train or the bus or to class, oh and those stairs at school! Surely it is a good start, but not enough. Joining a gym would be the best way to motivate me and my lazy… laziness.
And I probably need to do many other things, too, but I mostly need to take one step at a time.
I’ll keep you updated!


One Response to “Breaking The Habit”

  1. Tobias Tuesday, November 30, 2010 at 11:47 pm #

    usch, låter inte roligt och näsblod är verkligen inte kul att få. men förmodligen ett tecken på att man ska varva ner, vilket jag har gjort nu 🙂

    jag vet, långa arbetsdagar men som faktiskt går väldigt snabbt!

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