True Blood

6 Dec

You know what I like the least about winter? Even more than all the snow  and the ice and the cold and the darkness? Nosebleed.
I was dragged into a another turn of it this morning and it was absolutely dreadfully horrible, it  always is. And it continues for at least fifteen minutes, which can’t be normal, can it?
But the worst part is not that I can’t stand the sight or smell of blood at all normally, but my imagination. Because when I see it just pouring down, almost like tap water running… All I can think about is what if it won’t stop this time? Or why, what is wrong with me? And something else which I will spare you from, because it is too sick. And when it’s over I keep expecting and waiting for the next turn and hope that it will happen when I am safe and sound at home and don’t have anything pretty around.
Maybe… Am I just overreacting? God knows, I hope so!


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