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28 November 2010

28 Nov

I’ve asked this before and now I’m asking this again: Is it possible to have sleeping as a hobby? Because it has been my number 1 hobby this weekend. That and The Hills marathon on MTV today, haha.
Seriously though, that show is crazy. I used to watch it every week, but I hadn’t seen one episode since spring until today. There is so much drama going on there that it makes it difficult for me to actually pay attention to the reason I watch the show: the fashion and all of their outfits! Then I just can’t help but to start following what really is going on there in the Hollywood Hills. I also caught on to the season finale, or the final finale, for that matter, and was somewhat glad to see that everything ended well: Audrina got over Justin (just when I started to get why she was so hooked on him, I mean, how you seen the episode when his band has a gig at Viper Room and he plays the drums? Nice!), Stephanie got a decent boyfriend, Lo got kind-of-engaged, but then there’s that whole “ending” with Kristin and Brody which I didn’t buy for one cent. But, although the show seemed to get more scripted by every season, it was still good to see how it all ends, and kind of get a closure on that.

Huh, to think that I had so much to say about a “reality” show on TV. I guess I am really easy to entertain, after all. Oh, darn.